Online Quiz

Our online quiz

Each person taking part in the quiz will receive a link via email to a live webinar that they can then watch. On the webinar there will be a host who will explain how the quiz will work and then will read out all the questions and keep people updated on the scores. The questions will also be shown on a large screen behind the host.

There are then two options on how the quiz can be run. It can either be with the group split into teams or people can play as individuals.

Individual Competition

Everyone will be able to see the webinar through their laptops, desktops or tablets. They will then be asked by the host to go to a website on their phone and will be given a pin to enter their game. Once everyone has entered the game then the quiz will start. The host will then ask the questions and participants will have a mixture of multiple choice and write your own answer on their phone. Participants must get their answers in as quick as they can as the quicker they answer the more points they will receive. The questions will continue to come on the screen with the presenter and the answers will be tapped on their smartphones/tablets.

Team Competition

The group will be split into teams prior to the event date. They will be emailed beforehand and asked if someone wants to be the team captain, if no one volunteers then one will be allocated by our team. The team captain will then be emailed and asked to log onto the website and given their pin to enter the game. The team captain will be the only person who will be able to answer the questions as above.
Everyone in the team will see the host and questions on screen and will then have to message their team captain with what they think the answer is. This could be via a team slack channel, their work email or a WhatsApp group that we would set up for each team.